How Sletka Works: Easy & Simple

In the following Slides we demonstrate how our AI Platform is installed into your website in a couple of minutes.

Integration and Setup

Seamlessly integrate Sletka into your platform. Our team assists you in connecting and customizing its appearance to match your brand’s identity. Get started quickly and smoothly, with full support at every step.

Generate Chabot Engagement

Sletka engages users, responding to queries and tasks. Its advanced NLP creates natural, personalized conversations. Enhance user interactions with AI-driven responses that feel human.

knowledge Base
and Automation

Leverage Sletka’s built-in knowledge base for quick answers. It automates routine tasks, boosting efficiency. Let Sletka handle common inquiries while you focus on strategic initiatives.

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Analytics & Optimization

Access insights through an analytics dashboard. Fine-tune Sletka’s performance based on data to enhance user experience. Continuously improve Sletka’s effectiveness with data-backed adjustments.

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